What’s hot in hairstyles

Working with brides and bridesmaids, I find that every year there’s a hairstyle that gets requested a lot. This season I have brides and bridesmaids who want the “Waterfall Braid”. What is ironic is I have also been getting emails from people asking me, “What is a Waterfall Braid”?

A Waterfall Braid is a take on the classic French Braid. Instead of starting your French Braid down the middle and taking an even amount of hair on each side, this braid starts on one side of your head and wraps around the back. The appeal is that it looks complicated but it really isn’t. Based on what you are looking for, it can take the place of a half up/half down hairstyle.

The hair that is not braided can then be styled straight or wavy, or you can add curls for a more romantic feeling. The Waterfall Braid also gives a way to pull your hair all the way up in a fun and stylish way and will beat the heat for those summer weddings. The ends of the hair can be twisted in a bun so that it is completely up and off the face.

Either style of the Waterfall Braid lends itself nicely to adding flowers, feathers or a fun hairpiece within the end of the braid – another fun hairstyle option that is all the rage this season with brides and celebriti

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