Retro Makeup Looks for Your Wedding

Every year as a makeup artist, I have brides (and other clients) bringing in pictures of Hollywood starlets or telling me that they want to look like a television or movie character. This Fall I have seen an increase in brides wanting a retro makeup look. Specifically, I hear “I want to look like Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson – or the highest request – Betty Draper.” These are characters from the hit show Mad Men.

I personally had not seen Mad Men, so I researched the characters by watching an episode to get a feel for the trend. After doing the looks several times, I can share some tips on how you can achieve them for your big day.

Joan Holloway is a character who is sassy, put together and sexy. When creating the face, be sure to keep the skin matte. Use a cream blush with is a little richer than powder, and place it on the apples of your cheeks. Smiling while applying makes it easy to place in that perfect spot. Liquid eyeliner is a must as it was in the ’60s, but only line the top lid. And of course false eyelashes, which help make the eye pop. For lips, choose a shade of coral or a pink red, keeping in mind that while you are emulating a look , it still needs to be the right shade for your skin.

Peggy Olson is a business woman who has what people describe as a ”barely there” look. This look is actually one of the trickiest styles as the technique requires flawless skin. The most time spent on this look is the foundationput it on in several coats rather than one heavy liquid or swipe. By building and blending it will help achieve the flawless, barely there feel. Keep the cheek color in a more neutral shade, as well as the lipstick.

Betty Draper of Mad Men

Betty Draper is famous on the show for her daytime  housewife look and then her evening one. The evening look is a light cream eyeshadow, thicker black liquid liner or a gel line, lashes of course, a pinkish cream blush, and then a rich red lipstick to finish. When doing this look you are going to want to use a matte lipstick for a true ’60s flashback, so forget the shimmer.

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