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Red Lipstick: What Shade is Right for You?

With the holidays around the corner and one of the fiercest makeup trends seen on the runways, television, movies and award shows here are some tips to help you find the perfect shade of red lipstick to rock.

Everyone can wear a red lip it is all about the shade that will compliment your skin tone.

If you have a warm skin tone with brown or hazel eyes, golden or reddish hair tones, golden skin the shade of red that is best for you would be a wine red.  Celebrities that are in this category are: Charlize Thereon and Lindsay Lohan.

If you have a cool skin tone with  rosy or olive skin, blue, green, brown or hazel eyes, and your hair does not have any golden or red tones.   The red lip shade that would look best is a blue based red.  A celebrity that is in this category is: Angelina Jolie.  A  great choice is MAC Russian Red or MAC Ruby Woo.

If you are fair skin or often describe yourself as being pale, then your choice of red is a  Wine Red.  A celebrity that you relate to is Nicole Kidman. A great choice is NARS Tamango.

If you have olive  skin, then your choice of red is a Coral Red.  Celebrities that are in this category are Kim Kardashian and Penelope Cruz.

If you have medium skin then your choice of red is a Scarlet Red.  Both Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton have medium skin tone.  A great lipstick choice is NARS Afghan Red.

If you have a darker complexion burgundy shades and bright red look great.  Jennifer Hudson is a celebrity that wears both these colors well.

No matter what your skin tone or coloring everyone can wear a true red or a brick tone red.  Clarins Joli Rouge or Chanel Passion are two great choices for everyone.

Things to ask a Makeup Artist before Booking

Booking a makeup artist for your wedding should be like booking any other vendor. There are questions that you should ask to make sure that you have all the information before your big day. It also will help you decide before the trial if the artist is a good match for you.  Ask to look at the artist’s portfolio or check it out if it is online. This will give you an idea of what style of makeup your artist typically does and if he/she works with brides.

If you are having your videographer or photographer shoot in HD (high definition), is your artist able to use makeup that works with HD?

Is airbrushing an option?

What products does your artist use? This way you will know if you have any allergies to the brands. And if you do, can your artist work with your personal makeup?

Will your makeup artist travel to you on your wedding day? Is there an extra fee for travel?

Will your makeup artist do bridesmaids and the mothers? What are the rates?

If you want the option for after ceremony touch-ups, what is the charge?

If the groom has rosacea and/or breakouts before the wedding, can the artist do a touch-up for him? What is the fee?

Be sure to schedule a makeup trial. If you’re doing engagement photos, have your trial the same day. This way you can test the makeup and have it professionally applied for your photos.

A makeup artist should also ask questions to find out your personal style and to make sure he/she can achieve a look that will meet your expectations. Here are some questions to expect:

What does your everyday makeup style look like?

What is the style of your wedding dress and hairstyle?

Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding?

What time of day is the wedding taking place?

What are your wedding colors?

Do you have any allergies to product brands or ingredients?